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Apple CarPlay on Pioneer head unit

Pioneer, Kenwood unveil new head units for Apple CarPlay

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, both Pioneer and Kenwood have unveiled new third-party head units that will support Apple’s CarPlay. Now iPhone owners looking to make the most of CarPlay won’t have to buy a new vehicle.

Pioneer announced 3 new head unit models that have CarPlay: the AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX. The 2nd generation NEX units use an external microphone for voice input, and a wired remote to use with built-in steering wheel controls. Continue reading

Ferrari will be putting CarPlay in the FF

In-vehicle technology plays huge roll in purchase decisions

According to Forrester Consumer’s survey data, more than 50% of North Americans that plan to buy a new vehicle in the next 12 months will base their purchase decision partly on the onboard technology options in a certain vehicle.

That means a lot, and could be a large reason why Apple has decided to jump into the in-vehicle infotainment industry with their new CarPlay interface. Continue reading

Concept of the new Apple CarPlay in a Hona Civic

How many vehicles will have Apple CarPlay?

According to market research from the large and popular automotive research company IHS Automotive, somewhere around 215,000 vehicles will be built in 2014 with Apple’s new CarPlay integrated and supported.

While that may not seem much, its a start – IHS projects that by 2020, around 25 million CarPlay enabled vehicle infotainment systems will have been sold with CarPlay – and that’s only estimating a 25% market share of the vehicles being sold by that date. Continue reading