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Trouble in paradise. Data overload?
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Author:  2Sunny [ Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  Trouble in paradise. Data overload?

Hi Folks,

Hoping some Apple folks hang out here and can help me out. Otherwise I'll have to drive an hour to my dealership, and probably won't be able to duplicate the trouble.

First the basics:

iPhone SE - 64GB
2016 Volkswagen Golf R
Apple Carplay came with the car
I live in a rural area with poor cellular reception

So, sometimes it works flawlessly. I start the car, wait a moment, plug in the phone, select the device, touch OK agreeing that data will download, see the home screen, touch music, touch playlist, touch my choice of the day and go. Usually works great, BUT every other time I get in and I touch music, the screen jumps on its own to the page with choices of Radio:Playlist:Album etc and starts cycling on its own between these choices and the touch screen becomes unresponsive. I have tried unplugging the phone and turning all apps off. I have tried unplugging the phone, turning off the phone, and turning off car and restarting but neither method solves the problem. If I turn the car off and leave it off for a while, the next time I get in the car it works fine although it did happen once while I was driving. If I had to guess I'd say it started when I lost cellular reception.

This is the whole reason I put 40GBs of music on my phone because I can't rely on radio or Spotify or any other source that needs to be beamed to me so I was ecstatic when Carplay arrived and offered flawless interface with my huge music library on a screen integrated into the car.

Note: The simplest solution is to use the car's bluetooth connection and run the music and the phone from there. It works perfectly with no hiccups what so ever.

So, other than suggesting I take it to the dealership does anyone have any advice?

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