Concept of the new Apple CarPlay in a Hona Civic

How many vehicles will have Apple CarPlay?

According to market research from the large and popular automotive research company IHS Automotive, somewhere around 215,000 vehicles will be built in 2014 with Apple’s new CarPlay integrated and supported.

While that may not seem much, its a start – IHS projects that by 2020, around 25 million CarPlay enabled vehicle infotainment systems will have been sold with CarPlay – and that’s only estimating a 25% market share of the vehicles being sold by that date.

“So there’s significant growth, but 25 million units is still only 25% of the cars that will be sold, so it’s not reaching critical mass even by the end of this decade,” Mark Boyadjis, manager of Infotainment & HMI systems at IHS Automotive said.

IHS feels that automakers that have committed to rolling out CarPlay this year will likely test the waters on only one of their vehicle models. Manufacturers have to keep in mind that there are plenty of people with non-Apple phones that they also have to be inclusive of.  That means car companies will have to allow mobile software developers to have a large say in what the vehicle’s infotainment system can and should do.

Original reports were that CarPlay would only support iPhone 5 and newer, and some called it a ‘snub’ to Apple’s customer base. Since then, Apple has released an updated iOS7.1 that supports CarPlay, and works on the 4, 4s and newer iPhone models.

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