Ferrari will be putting CarPlay in the FF

In-vehicle technology plays huge roll in purchase decisions

According to Forrester Consumer’s survey data, more than 50% of North Americans that plan to buy a new vehicle in the next 12 months will base their purchase decision partly on the onboard technology options in a certain vehicle.

That means a lot, and could be a large reason why Apple has decided to jump into the in-vehicle infotainment industry with their new CarPlay interface.

Automotive Industry analysts from ABIY Research believe that Apple’s new user interface could  very well dominate the new-vehicle industry by 2018 simply because Apple has such a large share of the smart-phone market.

“Apple’s conservative approach will get it into many cars faster than competitors, who will likely end up supporting Apple’s CarPlay while they aim for deeper built-in technology,” Gillett added.

Gillett says that Apple’s strategy is focused on enabling infotainment and telematics compatibility, rather than trying to completely replace the in-vehicle operating systems like Blackberry is trying to do with it’s QNX technology, or Google’s sponsored Open Automotive Alliance, or even Microsoft’s embedded technology.

Questions are rising about whether or not Apple would allow other software on a vehicle’s infotainment system. According to Koslowski, Apple always “want to be standalone. Android is probably much more open to this.”

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