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Welcome to the Apple CarPlay Forum

Welcome to the Apple CarPlay Forum! We’re glad you stopped by!

If you have a question about CarPlay, visit our forum and ask a question. There’s lots of knowledgeable CarPlay users there willing to share their expertise!

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  1. Can't Wait

    I’m very excited for CarPlay to come out – I have been looking at new vehicles, and I may have to wait until late 2014 so that I can get one that will interface seamlessly with my Apple iPhone!

  2. Alex

    I need some help

    Recently bought a Pioneer Avic F60 with Apple car play, to be honest it seems quite useless and not worth the money.
    It cannot do anything really worth the extra cash. I tried to play Youtube Videos from my Iphone 6 via USB to the head unit & only audio pops up with no Video. The iphone is updated.

    Is this normal? Why


    I just installed a pioneers AVH-4100NEX and carplay does not work. I have the apple AV Adapter connected to the back of the stereo through two cables, the lighning cable(connected to USB 1) and the HDMI (cooected to the HDMI slot). The lightning cable is original from the iphone so that shouldnt be a problem.

    I updatet the 4100NEX to its latest firmware 1.03 and currently have IOS 8.2.

    Does anybody know what seems to be the problem?

    1. adminsecret Post author

      Hi Ronnie, thanks for posting the question. Can you post it on the forum? Looks like there are a few other CarPlay Forum users that have Pioneer head units and may be able to help out!


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