What is Apple CarPlay?

Welcome to the Apple CarPlay forum! Although unofficial, meaning we are not affiliated with Apple or the CarPlay system in any way, we are Apple fans and we are looking forward to when our vehicles will have CarPlay in them!

Apple CarPlay: The best iPhone experience on four wheels.

CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone while in your car, without having to deal with your phone. It seamlessly integrates your phone music, contacts, messaging etc right into your vehicles infotainment system, allowing you to use the vehicles knobs, dials, and switches to control your phone!

According to the official Apple CarPlay site, the infotainment system will be available on select new cars starting this year  (2014).

2 thoughts on “What is Apple CarPlay?

  1. Anonymous

    CarPlay also works with the knobs, dials, or buttons in the car. If it controls your screen, it controls CarPlay.


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