How to write a research paper with MLA style?


While writing an essay, it must be essential that you have to pay attention to the style of a research paper. The research paper is written on the bases of explaining a particular thing. Whatever the topic you are going to tell it is most necessary to explore the knowledge to the reader about argument essay. The paper style helps you in framing the content in an original format; like MLA research paper format or APA research paper format. You must have to concentrate on those aspects which are reliable.

As the latest trend will arise, people will forget the past aspects same like MLA research paper. MLA refers to Modern language association. The format is for all essay writer those people who want to write a research paper. Some things to consider while writing the research paper:

Paper choice

As per the writing experts, it is most essential to select the workbook. The paper for a research paper must white, try to avoid ivory, off-white, or any other. You have to choose the higher quality paper, which makes it easy to print. The size of the article must be 11 by 8 ½ inches.

Running Heads

The running head must be essential, which is placed on the right side of every page. The running head is consisting after the name of the writer. Space and the page number must follow it. Make sure that the working head must be used after the first page.

Title page

The title page is also known as the first page then it is essential to write the title page attractively. The title page is the very, which is consisting of margins and running heads. The title must be written on the center of the page which capitalized.


All the margins for the whole paper must be equal. It is essential that one-inch margin must be compulsory if you want then you can increase, but you have not allowed decreasing them.


When you are going to start the next paragraph, you can use “tab” key to make a proper space. Keep in your mind that space should be allowed only in the first line of the paragraph. If there is more content in a single paragraph, then you can break the paragraph and make a new one.

So, these are some aspects which you have to keep in mind. You can say that these are the rules of MLA research paper format, and ask about argument essay.